Another week down. Happy Friday all!

Another busy week for the Dunsel’s team. I’ll begin with some cool stuff from Will’s side of things. Will did some very heavy-duty product testing out on the Suwanee River. He and some friends (including Lydia our amazing Creative Director) spent the weekend camping and kayaking. Will tells me the bags did exceptionally well carrying their things up from the banks of the river to wherever their site would be for the night. The bags were also crucial in helping the crew portage (definition) around the rapids of the Suwannee. To be quite honest, I didn’t even know that rivers in Florida could have rapids, but after seeing the video he took there is no questioning that fact. If you're interested, here is a drone view of those very rapids...

Will also got to work on some cold calling. He had success, but not exactly the success we were hoping for. Will had called the Florida Yacht Club, one of Florida’s largest yacht clubs, with hopes of securing us a vendor’s space at the upcoming regatta. The response he got was along the lines of “I would, but Covid…” This has certainly become a familiar sentiment. Unfortunately, our plan was to try and attend as many regattas, boat shows, and maritime events as possible this semester as part of our efforts to grow our audience. Another wrench in our plan. We probably should’ve seen it coming, but I think the fact that we didn’t makes it sting a little more. No matter. We will keep moving forward.

Will also made some headway in the Legal and Accounting departments. After a visit with FSU’s Business Law Clinic, we have some paperwork working its way through the pipeline. Most notably, adding a member (me) to an LLC, independent contractor forms, and a proper founder’s agreement. I am hacking away at this week’s blog post while Will is working to get our Florida Sales Tax completed.

This past Thursday was Domi Station’s mentor night. An event that they put on every 2 months or so (I think…?). Will and I had the opportunity to prepare a presentation that highlights who we are, what we do, and what sorts of problems we are encountering. This presentation is supposed to be quick since most of the time afterwards is for us to speak with members of Domi Station’s mentor network and come up with ideas and strategies to move forward. We found this event to be a great way for us to work on our communication of our business as well as the ever-important opportunity of a fresh perspective. I think we walked away from the event with a better mindset and approach for the coming weeks.

Finally, TikTok. Yep. We’re making TikToks. Follow us on TikTok @dunsels. As much as I hate to admit it, I do sort of have fun making them. I think I mentioned how one of my childhood dream professions was to be a director. That’s exactly how I’m approaching this. We have made a few ‘toks so far (I’m sorry for that), and in all seriousness it seems to be a very viable place for us to grow our audience quickly. In the 4 videos that I slapped together this past week, one of them got to nearly 4,000 views in a few minutes... Now, the one that shot up was arguably the least interesting of the videos we put up, but it is hard to ignore results like that. An interesting note is that the video shot up on Instagram Reels (Zuckerberg's response to TikTok). I think the competition and duality of the short-form video content platform will be something we can use to our advantage as we try to best the algorithm, and create virality. For now it is just experiments.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Someone write something in the comments underneath this, please. I'm pretty sure it works, but I'd like to confirm.

Have a great weekend,


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@Alexa The bags we have made so far would probably not be comparable to a dry bag. The bags themselves are water resistant, but they would definitely soak through if submerged… We are looking into ways of waterproofing bags, but for now that is only R&D.


Super excited for the new bags. Would they serve as an alternative to a dry bag?

Alexa McCarthy

Inspiring read!


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