How to: Turning your idea into a reality.

How to: Turning your idea into a reality.

A product's innovation is nothing more than turning an idea in your head into something good enough to put in your customer's hands. 


I will be talking about the development of small-batch industrial production of our Dunsel sail bags and other topics related to upcycling and DIY outdoor gear projects that you can do yourself! There are tons of cool projects that you can easily do at home with any sewing machine.


My name is William McCarthy, and I am the other co-founder here at Dunsel sail bags. I am a senior at Florida State University in the commercial entrepreneurship major, graduating in May. 


My primary role at Dunsel is operating officer. This looks like a few different things as a founder. Still, on any day, I am split between producing our products on the sewing machine, flipping through our financial statements, ordering new raw material, and talking to you guys, our customers, to gather feedback. 


I am interested in innovation in my own business and the textile/retail industry. I am going to sprinkle that throughout this blog and try to transmit that as a theme. 


Is this something you'd be interested in?


You may have already read the other founder's logs, but I highly recommend it if you haven't. The blog is at the top of our website under "Founders' Logs." Jon Virga, the other founder, was the fuel to get this blog started. We want to create a community based around sustainability and the startup scene of the 21st century. We see no excuse why most startups are not taking a sustainable approach to their way of doing business. 


We're going to start slow with a small introduction into how I became in charge of producing products on an industrial level just six months after I first sat down on a sewing machine. Also, we will tell you how learning to sew will make you a product development mastermind. 


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I look forward to providing weekly content!


Your friend William.


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