Some of our favorite bags to go through our store... 


An experiment in Duffel Bag design. The so called "Zag Pack" - maybe to return at some point in the future.

A 2-Tone Duffel. The Royal Blue reinforcements were incorporated to wrap around the barrel of this unique Duffel Bag. 

A very unique bag. Dubbed "The Sailmaker Duffel" featuring original patches from HH sails as well as a UK Sailmaker patch along the side. 

A limited run of garnet Two-Tone Totes. Only about 20 or so floating around the seven seas at this point. These bags also feature the rare, larger Dunsel's stamp which is no longer in use. 

One of the original "Vintage" bags. This tote features a bold 45 across its face.

Another early "Vintage" bag. Is it a Z or an N? Pretty sure it's an N.

The subtle, invisible 2 on this bag makes it a uniquely elegant accessory. Clean, simple, and light with just the right amount of salt. 

The Neil Pryde Tote. Another one of the first Vintage bags to hit the store. The original patch from this sail perfectly tucks into the corner to give it contrast, character, and pop.