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The Zag Pack

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The Zag Pack is an evolution of the original Duffel Bag design. We have found ways to better incorporate different types of waste to produce a better type of bag. The Zag Pack features a diagonal zipper and diagonal shoulder strap. These adjustments were made to better fit the body's natural shape and contour while carrying. 

We are still doing finishing touches on the design with this bag, and as such fulfillment times will be slower than normal. Our apologies for that. 

All colors and patterns are subject to change. The bag pictured features a number - If this  is a determining factor in your purchase please let us know. We have a stock of "vintage" cuts from sails that artistically incorporate the original numbers and markings. As we fill our inventory with these bags, we will list them SEPERATELY. 

The main materials that bring this bag to life are:

  1. Upcycled sail cloth waste
  2. Upcycled marine canvas scraps
  3. upcycled upholstery fabric scraps
  4. Sustainably made hemp fabric mesh for breathable pockets