Demand more, use less

Our products are handcrafted from worn and discarded sailboat sails. We use wasted materials like this because they already exist. Our process of re-manufacturing does not contribute to the endless demand for virgin materials, but instead allows us to create durable, quality, and sustainable goods without sacrificing the environment.

Since our inception we are proud to have recovered over 3500lbs of plastic, textile waste.

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Bags that give back

Every time you purchase a Dunsel's bag, we invest 1% of the sale into organizations that are making the world a better place.

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  • Amanda

    "I've owned two beach bags for around a year and have been thrilled with how well they've held up. They're cute, durable and easy to wash!"

  • Thalia

    "I love it! I use it as a makeup bag and it’s the perfect size! I love that it’s tough and easy to clean. Also that it’s made of recycled sails from right here in Florida!"

  • Joanne

    "I love the white crispness of the sail fabric and, of course, the GARNET handles and trim!! "