demand more, use less

Our products are handcrafted from worn and discarded sailboat sails. Although this can make business more challenging, we do this so that we only use materials that already exist - instead of contributing to the consumption and demand for virgin materials.

Since our inception we have been able to recover over 2000lbs of plastic waste without ever compromising quality.

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  • we have no choice

    Over 22,000 tons of plastic makes its way to the oceans. Every day.

    We strive to create solutions that actively combat the threats facing our environment.

    We are convinced that any effort is better than none, and we hope to inspire others through our sustainably driven business.

  • it all starts in the sea

    We saw the many issues arising from marine waste, so we began to hunt down materials, namely sailboat sails, that were designed for the harshest of environments. We then developed a process to re-manufacture these materials into beautiful, functional, new products.

  • to save our oceans

    Plastic pollution has been wreaking havoc on essential environments for too long. The harsh reality of mass consumerism contributes significantly to this problem. By recovering these wasted materials, we are preventing them from ever reaching the places we call home.

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