Upcycle Your Sails!


How to upcycle your sail:

Dunsel's is now proudly helping you make the better decision regarding how to sustainably get rid of your sails. We are offering 'a truly unique to you bag' as a way to encourage sailors like you to work with us to keep your sails out of the landfill. 

Many sails lock stories deep within their weave. By upcycling your sail you not only get the satisfaction of knowing your sails will be kept out of the environment, but we will incorporate the most telling pieces of your sail into a 1/1 line of bags made from your sails.

What do you get?

One of each bag we offer (Duffel, Dopp, Tote, and Fanny Pack) all made from the most sentimental parts of your old sails for a total of $250 - and we will cover any costs associated with transporting your sail to and from our shop. 

If you are looking for less expensive option we will make any of our products out of your sail and it will be available for 30% off retail price. 

If you are interested in exchanging your sails, please click here.