Dunsel's Product Guide

Whether you are looking for yourself, a good friend, or a loved one. This guide will highlight key uses, and simplify the decision making process. 

Some things are consistent across the board:

  • All products are made from discarded sailboat sails. This material is known as "Dacron" and is both lightweight and incredibly durable.
  • All products are handcrafted in the United States. We keep our manufacturing very close to us (both in our own workshop and with a few manufacturers in Florida), so that we can hold it to the absolute highest of standards. A localized manufacturing strategy cuts down on our CO2 output because our materials and products make short shipping journeys.
  • We also will use materials in addition to Dacron in our products. These materials come from places like marine canvas shops, upholstery shops, and other places that produce textile waste. A key component of our business model is the win-win relationship with these manufacturers that allows us to provide them with a cleaner business model while we continue to recover these unnecessarily wasted textiles.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, we can get to the good stuff:

The Dopp Kit

First of all, What is a Dopp Kit? A Dopp Kit is synonymous with a toiletry bag in many cases, but for us it can be so much more. It is a simple, organizing bag. Tried and true. What do you put in a Dopp Kit? You might somewhere to store your makeup while traveling abroad - This is it. Need something to keep all your shaving gear collected? This is it. Want to carry your wire, cables, and external batteries while on the move? This is it.

Typically The Dopp Kit finds its home in the countertop in the bathroom. As a toiletry bag it is perfect. It contains the seemingly inevitable spills within it, and it keeps your things safe from the splashes outside it. Forget the cheap zippers, dodgy stitching, and low quality fabrics you might be used to. If there were an extra-heavy-duty class for small bags, this would be the top tier. The simplicity in design creates a stress-free experience for you as there are no places for failure.

We're inviting you to relax because life is too short to worry about whether or not your luggage is now a conditioner explosion. The Dopp Kit has you covered. 



The Pinhook Tote

The Classic Tote is what started it all. We needed a bag that wouldn't fail. Sure the reusable grocery bags can work, but only to a point. Would you trust cheap bags to lug around your engine batteries? How about your grandfather's antique clocks? How about the illusive, extremely rare Xbox 720?

The thing is we couldn't find a bag that checked all the boxes. So we made one that did. This bag has been tested in the scenarios above and more. We've heard nothing but success stories even when others have put it to the test too. It's durable beyond belief. Got it. It's also easy to clean: throw it in the washing machine to get rid of stains, dirt/grime, sunscreen spills, and more. The Dacron material won't keep sand stuck to it. Here we go again, no hassle, no stress, low maintenance, and forever reliable. What more can you ask for in a bag. Pockets? Yep, got it. Every Classic Tote features a zippered pocket on the inside to keep your valuables right where they're supposed to be. 

The Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is just like everything else we make; low maintenance, impossibly reliable, minimal points of failure, and in a timeless, classical style. Headed home for the week? Weekend trip to the beach? This bag is your best friend. Our Round Duffel Bag is perfectly sized to fit under your seat on the plane, modest enough to not draw attention, but crafted in such a way that commands respect. 

The Duffel Bag features 2 external pockets, and 2 internal pockets. Everything now has a place in your bag without the clutter or distraction of unnecessary spaces. The Duffel Bag is 20" long x 12" deep. It has a volume of 36L. 

The Fanny Pack

Last but certainly not least, we have The Fanny Pack. This bag is the newest member to the Dunsel's lineup. The Fanny Pack can be worn as a traditional fanny pack or as a cross body bag. We utilize our wide assortment of colors from our stock of upcycled fabrics for the exterior, giving these bags a funky aesthetic to accommodate any occasion. The Fanny Pack features a deep main pocket and a slim external pocket. Both zippered with industrial grade zippers to keep you focused on where you're going, and not about whether or not your stuff is coming with you.



Vintage Bags

We would be selling ourselves short if we didn't also include an excerpt about what is our favorite part about working with upcycled materials: materials with personality. We offer a line of what we've dubbed "Vintage Bags" which have certain characteristics that make them unique. Vintage bags are 1/1 or at most 1/5. These bags artfully utilize elements such as numbers, patches, colors, original reinforcements, and more which make them stand out. Over time we have amassed quite a library of these Vintage Bags, and the list grows continuously. You can browse our selection of 1/1 Vintage Bags here.


Custom Options

We offer a wide variety of custom options for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts, giveaway items, company gear, personal branding, or Regatta trophy bags. Custom sail bags are great way to set yourself apart from other companies with a sustainable long lasting bag that no one else has. With Dunsel's it is easy and affordable to enhance your brand or organization with something durable and USA made. Our branded tote bags are a great way to give your customer a bag that they are actually going to use because of its unique style and functionality. 

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 Cell Signal who also a One percent for the Planet partner commissioned a batch of totes for conference. a

A party favor gift for a summer olympic event.

A custom one off bag for a customer who had an important burgee that they wanted to incorporate into functional memorabilia.