If you’ve just stumbled upon Dunsel’s Sail Bags, you might find yourself asking some of these questions...

What does Dunsel mean?

The word Dunsel is an old, mariner's word that originates references waste or uselessness on a ship. It is defined as: something (or someone) on a ship that no longer has a purpose, or can no longer be used. We chose this word to represent our brand and company as the materials we work with are Dunsels, or were. The irony card is at play here.

Why would I want to buy a bag (or anything) made from upcycled materials?

By using upcycled materials as opposed to raw materials you are really doing 2 things:

  1. You are keeping massive quantities of synthetic, plastic textiles out of landfills. Polyester, vinyl, and canvas are either wholly or in part made from synthetic fibers which are derived from petroleum based plastics. When materials are not upcycled, they will otherwise end up in the landfill, and break down into an armada of microplastics over time. These microplastics ultimately find their way into our groundwater and in the ocean. Never breaking down, and choking our environments are only the beginning of the list of consequences. See the chart below provided by the EPA on how textiles are and have been discarded over time.
  2. Using upcycled materials instead of brand-new, raw materials reduces our collective carbon footprint. The environmental toll that is spent on manufacturing, transporting, and processing virgin materials is unacceptable.

Not only is upcycling materials a much better option for the environment, but you oftentimes wind up with one of a kind pieces that are part of the solution

Graph displaying the end of lifecycle for textiles

Is my bag dirty?

Every bag goes through a comprehensive cleaning process that eliminates years of dirt and grime from a previous life at sea. We do our best to brighten them up, and remove anything that may harm you. While we cannot guarantee that every bag will be brilliantly white, we can guarantee that markings, blemishes, and discolorations are true ‘battle wounds’ that give each bag its own character and identity. Every imperfection tells a story, and the beautiful thing is these stories don't end at the boatyard anymore. You can give a whole new life to this material as a bag!