If you’ve just stumbled upon Dunsel’s Sail Bags, you might find yourself asking some of these questions...

What the heck is a Dunsel anyway?

  • Dunsel is actually a word originating from the maritime community that loosely means something (or someone) on a ship that no longer has a purpose; can no longer be used.

Why would I want to buy a tote bag made from recycled materials?

  • By buying an upcycled sail bag you are really doing two great things. First, you are  keeping massive pieces of synthetic fabric out of landfills where sails will ultimately end up, and disintegrate for thousands of years. Even though it breaks down, it will only do so to a point. The large sail will become an armata of tiny pieces, sometimes referred to as microplastics, that can and do leach into our groundwater, and wind up in the ocean. These microplastics end up inside of us through our drinking water and food. 

  • Using recycled materials instead of buying brand new cuts down on the carbon footprint that would otherwise come from the manufacturing and transportation of new material. Not only is this option much better for the environment, but you will have a one of a kind bag that your friends and family will love just as much as you do!

Is my bag dirty?

  • Every bag goes through a comprehensive process that eliminates years of dirt and grime from a life at sea. We like to brighten them up, and remove anything that may harm you. While we  cannot guarantee that every bag will be as brilliantly white, we can guarantee that these are true ‘battle wounds’ that give the bags character and identity. Every imperfection tells a story and we want you to continue collecting stories with your recycled sail bag.