• "The Dopp Kit came highly recommended by a friend of mine. After almost a full year of use, I can say this is easily my favorite go-bag for trips. I'm the type that loves to pack, and this product makes the process even more exciting. The bag holds so much and the shape fits perfectly in my luggage/weekend bag."

    Melise's packing essential 
  • "We love our Dunsel’s totes so much! The sail fabric is awesome. It’s sturdy without being heavy and I love that they don’t get dirty like my other canvas totes do with use. The handles and bag keep their shape making it easier to find things so I don’t feel like I’m digging into a saggy bag. Love the look and cool new designs too!"

    Anastasia's go to Tote 
  • "We love our new Fanny pack! We bought it to be able to use it on all of our adventures because of the material used and it is much more spacious than ones we’ve bought in the past. It also arrived quickly!"

    Dani's Favorite Fanny Pack 
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