2.7 | Say Goodbye to the Tote and Duffel Bag.

2.7 | Say Goodbye to the Tote and Duffel Bag.

You may have noticed we removed products from our product line. We removed “The duffle bag” and our first product “The Tote” because it no longer served as a coercive member of our line. 2024, is going to be our most impactful year, design, functionality, aesthetic, and environmentally. Because? We owe you. Dunsel’s was created to be create the next generation of products that don’t only directly fill a void in your life to carry and store your life’s essentials. Dunsel’s Sailbags was created to stand for what you believe in as a utilitarian and as an individual.

There will be new products in 2024 so stay tuned. We have only just begun. Our focus continues to shift to match our ultimate goal of removing as much fabric from the waste stream. Some things that we have been facing has directly to do with how much product we are able. While traditional businesses only have to sell the product we are faced with a two sided equation. 

Due to the fact we source the fabric and make the product ourselves we face a much longer timeline from time of ideation to the final product being produced. Additionally, our products being made in the USA adds cost that our competitors don't have. It results in slower growth which we are ok with. 


Stay Tuned for our next product launch. 

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