The path that Jon and Will took to arrive at where this company is today was a long and windy one. The very roots of this business stem from our growing up near the water. Will a sailor and Jon a surfer were both hyper-aware of the mounting issue of plastic entering the oceans. 

Jon and Will met in the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship at FSU. They worked together on one other business prior to Dunsel's, and it was their that they found similar motivations, goals, and desires in business and for the future. Jon and Will shared a disdain with the "traditional" path. Following the steps outlined in the College-Internship-Career-Retirement route just didn't feel right. 

Then Covid-19 happened. The spring semester of Junior year was cut short indefinitely. Jon went back home to New York, and Will held out in Tallahassee. Somewhere over the course of the spring, as we were all becoming more familiar with video conferencing, Jon and Will set up a scheduled Zoom meeting. These meetings started out talking and processing the state of the world, but quickly turned into discussions about the next project.

Pretty quickly, Will and Jon were developing and doing R&D on bike-packing gear. However, the incredibly niche market did not offer the potential, nor the impact that they were looking for. Jon and Will went back to school in the fall. That was when they stumbled upon the first true piece of this business. A piece of information surfaced in one FSU Sailing Club meetings that changed their perspectives. This information was simply that sailboat sail are often being thrown away after their "usable" life. The gears started turning. This material was still good. Just not so good for its original use. If we could figure out a way to effectively collect, process, and then distribute this material, we could change the world. 

This story is still very fresh, and it is constantly being rewritten, added to, and changing. We are incredibly excited to continue working because we know our work is making a difference. We still have some kinks to iron out as we proceed, but we have found opportunity in every challenge so far. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey, we appreciate and value all of your support.

Jon and Will have taken advantage of the situations available to them. The goal with this company is not to make expensive products for only a select few people to enjoy. We want to monetize garbage. We blame our behaviors as consumers for this massive issue of waste. We think that we will have more success providing better solutions and better alternatives than we will if we fight these established behaviors.