The Sustainable Holiday Gifting Guide

This year we thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of some of our favorite Dunsel uses and stories that we have encountered over the year.

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Gifts for Parents

Let's be honest. Dad is great, but it's Mom who is going to get the absolute most out of the bags we offer. When you need durable, lifelong reliability in a carry-all, Dunsel's should be the first thought. For a Mom that's always on the go we highly recommend The Classic Tote or The Fanny Pack. Whether attending a sports game, heading to the beach, or hitting the trails, these two bags will cover all the bases. The Fanny Pack for a hands free lifesaver, or The Tote Bag for when she needs to shoulder a little more weight. Check out these two bags here!



We do have something in store for Dad too, don't you worry! The Duffel is sure to delight with it's rugged exterior and spacious body. Dad will never use another bag. How about this? We'll throw in a Dopp Kit at 50% off to make it a Traverler's Set



Gifts for Children

Maybe you are the mom shopping here, and you have children who are dreaming of a mighty haul courtesy of Santa Claus. There is no better time to teach lessons the lessons of sustainability, personal responsibility, and the true value of gifts then right now. Explore themes of consumerism and waste with your children this holiday season. After all, it is their world that will be the most affected by the millions upon millions of tons of plastic poisoning our natural environments. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, and as much as we might benefit from saying it is us, it isn't. We only try to do our best to represent the principles of re-use and re-purposing as tenets of our business. Anyway, a Dopp Kit for toiletries or a Fanny Pack to carry essentials along the infinite adventures of childhood is probably a better place to start than not.



Gifts for College-aged Children

Is your kid hoofing it back and forth to campus every time they have a vacation? E-tickets and waiting and miles and overhead bins? Sound familiar? I personally guarantee that The Duffel Bag will make that dreadful, logistic maze marginally more tolerable. Perfectly sized as a "carry-on" according to TSA regulations, The Duffel Bag maximizes what's necessary and minimizes what's not. You get the pockets you need, and the space too. Forget worrying about ripped seems and overpacking with The Duffel Bag. We'll throw in a Dopp Kit at 50% off to make a glorious Traveler's Set!

A Fanny Pack (or Sling Bag as the kids are calling them these days...) is another must. Handsfree, adventure ready, and all inherently unique. Shop all of our Fanny Pack 1/1 custom colorways here.



Gifts for Aunts and Uncles

Never forget about your Aunts and Uncles, you may only get to collect as a family together a handful of times throughout the year, but these times are often the most special and filled with love. Whether you're park hopping with your Fanny Pack or headed over to the coast to soak up some sun with your Tote Bag, it's virtually impossible to not benefit from a Dunsel's bag in those situations.



Gifts for Cousins

Hey Cuzzo! Remember that time we went to that beach in that place that was really nice?! Or that time we did that thing at that place with the cool stuff?! Those were the days... but look at us now! Sitting here with our awesome new bags. Who knew that trash could be so cool!



Gifts for Friends

Is there a reason friends come before family in that saying? Friends and family... Maybe you save the best for last? Or you can't help but cover the good things first. Either way, you and I both know you won't be letting your besties down this holiday season. There is nothing better than a Tote Bag at the campsite, or a Fanny Pack while walking around a new city. Except maybe doing these things with the people who feel like family, but aren't. Keep your friends around by gifting them something that means something this holiday season!



Gifts for Siblings

Brothers, Sisters... Where would we be without them? And where would THEY be without US? After all the bickering, competition, and distance, and proximity, they are truly those who need. Why not treat them to something great this year with a new Duffel Bag, so they can visit you more. Or perhaps a Fanny Pack for when they are doing something else without you. At least they'll have something cool to remind them of how awesome a sibling you are...