Attention: Sick of replacing your bags every year and want a sustainable solution?

Stop contributing to the 17 million tones of textile waste and start solving it with Dunsel’s Upcycled products

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From Old sails to products with a purpose all handmade in Tallahassee FL

From used sailboat sails to products with a purpose, Rebuilt to last in Tallahassee FL


Don't you hate when you purchase a bag and fill it for the first time, and the strap or zipper breaks?

Experience these common Problems?

The Pinhook Tote

  • Straps have a tensile break strength of 900 lbs
  • All our fabric is made for the outdoors, making it water-resistant to keep your items dry and super easy to clean.
  • We offer our products in 20 unit releases, so once they're gone, they're done, and only 20 people will have the same one as you.
  • Our design team comprises young sailors, outdoorsy and creative people whose core design principles include functionality rather than conforming to the crowd.
  • Our price point is low compared to other USA-made products because we don't have to mark up to allow room for wholesalers.
  • Made from end to end in Florida, allowing for a more localized positive impact.
  • We over-invest in the construction of our products and utilize methods that only handmade designer brands use.
- Product Gross Weight (Kg/Lb): 20 Kg/44 Lb
- Product Net Weight (Kg/Lb): 18 Kg/39.6 Lb
- Packing Size (Cm/Inch): 134x72x19cm / 52x28x7.5in
- Product Folded Size: 94x88x38cm/37x34x15in
- Brake Type: Disc Brake
- Carrying Capacity (Kg/Lb): 100Kg/220lb
- Whether It Can Be Folded: Yes
- Transmission Type: 21 Speed
- Tire Size: 26 Inches
- Material: High Carbon Steel
- 1x Bicycle
- 1x Parts Kit
- 1x Manual
The inside hosts a internal divider that doubles as a zippered pocket. Made from Spinnaker sails. Water resistant and easy to clean. 
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