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The Dopp Kit

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This is your next and last toiletry kit you'll ever need. The Dopp Kit has an outer shell made from the same repurposed "Dacron" material we recover from the mainsails of old sailboats, and an inner lining made from fabric scraps, or from a thinner, lighter, and more colorful cut of spinnaker sail.

The Dopp Kit is very easy to clean, and it's tough enough to be used and abused in a wide variety of situations. Whether you use it for makeup, toiletries, a "go-bag" or charging cables it will hold its own. We offer a variety of colors to fit your style.

We are doing a Limited edition release of Hot Pink lined Dopp Kits as a part of our Valentine's Day Deal. The Hot Pink comes from a small supply of fabric scrap that we recovered from an upholstery shop in Pensacola, Fl. They said, "out of style, never gonna use, going in next week's trash" We said, "No way." Get yours before it's too late! (Only 20 available)

The Dopp Kit measures: 12.5" long X 5" wide